Dental Crowns

A dental crown, often known as a cap, is a type of restoration used to help strengthen teeth preventing fractures that could lead to pain and/or loss of the tooth.  Dental crowns are often used on teeth with large silver fillings susceptible to breaking or after root canal therapy. Dr. Mitsos makes his crowns using the strongest materials available while still achieving a great esthetic appearance making them undetectable in the mouth.  The making of a dental crown is a 2 appointment process.  The first appointment is usually a one hour appointment where the tooth is prepared, molds are taken to be sent to the dental lab, a shade (color) is selected and a temporary crown is made to be worn while the permanent crown is fabricated.  The second appointment is typically 2 weeks later and includes verifying proper fit both on the tooth and with the bite.  The appearance of the crown is also approved at this appointment. Once Dr. Mitsos and his patient have approved of the final product, the crown is permanently cemented in and post-operative instructions are given.