Dental Services at Valley Creek

We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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Dr. Patrick Mitsos offers a variety of dental services to meet the needs of all ages and dental conditions. From cosmetic dentistry to emergency treatment, Dr. Mitsos is here to meet the needs of the Tinley Park community.


Cosmetic Dentistry

It's amazing how much communication we do with our smile. From the shy half smile to the full toothy grin we constantly send messages to others. And we all have to admit that we form opinions about others based solely on their smile.

A beautiful smile conveys friendliness, warmth, caring and tells others you care about yourself, too. But, very few of us have the perfect smile. We may have missing, crooked or discolored teeth that keep us from using that great tool of communication, our smile, to the full. Some have spent years hiding unsightly teeth and experienced the resulting embarrassment and social awkwardness. Dr. Mitsos can help you love your smile!

Cosmetic dentistry was designed to help people fix their smile flaws and have the smile that truly communicates who they are inside. It can be as simple as whitening your teeth to give you a dazzling, youthful smile or something more complex, like using implants to replace missing teeth.

What do you want to communicate? A beautiful, warm, youthful smile can help you do it. Contact our office for a consultation on your smile design.


General and Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Mitsos uses many techniques and treatments to create a beautiful, healthy smile.  With regular check-ups, we can ensure that we maintain a healthy smile and catch any problems as soon as they start.  Dr. Mitsos understands that sometimes life's endless demands keep you away from the dentist and emergencies will arise.  At Valley Creek Family Dental, we make every effort possible to treat your emergencies the day you call.  Don't hesitate to call us today to get on your way to that healthy, beautiful smile you've always wanted.